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01 Jul 2009 21:12


Tech: Bing tries to get a leap on the search competition with Tweet results

  • Who cares? Twitter’s own search is already really good. Microsoft, who apparently didn’t talk to the Tweetable company before implementing the new feature (not that they have to), now presents the latest tweets from a select crew of a few thousand notables (which we hope includes us, or it’s clobberin’ time). It’ll be gradual but eventually, expect to get Microsoft’s Tweets in your Bing. source

08 Jun 2009 21:31


Music: ShortFormBand: Meet MA46. They’re post-punky and proggy.

  • Whoa, what is this?

    In our continuing effort to try new things, here’s our latest: Band coverage! For our first edition, Daniel Hengeveld of MA46 has gladly agreed to be our guinea pig. Want to see your band here? E-mail us or bug us on Twitter!

    Listen to them

    Q1: In 15 words or less, describe your band’s sound: Pop-post-punk plus prog predilections. Smart lyrics and bombast!

    Q2: Name three influences that inspire you, with three words each on why they’re awesome:
    Science fiction novels: vivid cultural examination
    90s Japanese glam: Pop melodies + hairspray
    Drum n Bass: WOMP WOMP WOMP

    Q3: What’s a recent song you’ve been digging? Write ten words explaining why:
    Phantom West – “The Life of Perfect Creatures”: Biggest wall of sound, sweet melody, about Laika. (Tim’s band)

    Q4: In 140 characters or less, how do you use social networking to get the word out: Twittering, Facebooking and MySpacing of course. We did a giveaway with a fashion blog recently & sent bloggers review copies & show invites.

    Q5: In 15 words or less, what’s next for you guys? Sporadic local live schedule while we record our full-length. Then, hopefully, West Coast tour! source

07 Mar 2009 13:51


Tech: New Windows feature: Turn off Internet Explorer. Whoo!

We are SO clicking on that checkbox, Microsoft. Thanks for the help, European regulators! source