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05 Dec 2009 17:34


World: Iran’s not too happy about Switzerland’s new minaret ban

  • Values such as tolerance, dialogue and respecting others’ religions should never be put to referendum.
  • Iranian foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki • Speaking to his Swiss counterpart about the referendum that led to a ban on minarets. He warns that there could be consequences for the country long-term. For those keeping score at home: Iran is 90% Muslim, but (despite the image of leaders being completely unaccepting of other religions and faiths) does allow Christian churches and Jewish synagogues to be built in the country. There have been complaints about this being difficult, though. Switzerland and Iran have a tight relationship, by the way, due to the Swiss acting as an intermediary between the U.S. and Iran. source

29 Nov 2009 09:41


Politics: Here’s what one jerk says about the Swiss minaret ban referendum

  • Forced marriages and other things like cemeteries separating the pure and impure – we don’t have that in Switzerland, and we do not want to introduce it. Therefore, there’s no room for minarets in Switzerland.
  • Ulrich Schlueer • Co-president of the Initiative Committee to ban minarets in Switzerland. Nothing like the small of racism in the morning, or at the very least, a wedge issue to emphasize our differences in an ugly way. source

29 Nov 2009 09:34


World: In an anti-Muslim move, the Swiss appear likely to ban minarets

  • What is up with the Swiss? First the bank accounts, then Roman Polanski, now this. It’s like we don’t know you anymore. Anyway, it appears likely that the country will constitutionally ban minarets – one of the strongest physical features of most mosques – after a referendum. 59% of those who voted favored the ban, according to exit polls. source