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14 Apr 2010 20:43


Music: Metacritic: MGMT currently embodies the sophomore slump

  • Let’s face it, MGMT is feeling the heat. An indie band that got really popular on its first album thanks to some memorable hit singles, they now have to follow that album up. And as our One-Word Album Review noted, their latest is not exactly getting consensus critical love. How does “Congratuations” as a sophomore slump compare to other buzz bands? Well, according to Metacritic, you can either be Caribou (have a second album way better than the first), The Arctic Monkeys (stay exactly the same), The Strokes (dip noticeably in quality) or Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (completely crap out on album two). MGMT is closer to The Strokes than Clap Your Hands Say Yeah right now, but it’s still not flattering. source

13 Apr 2010 22:56


01 Mar 2009 09:27


Music, World: MGMT’s got beef with French President Nicolas Sarkozy

  • 1 amount Sarkozy’s party offered the band to settle a copyright beef source