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17 Aug 2010 21:58


Tech: Will that webcam-spying school district face criminal charges?

  • NO but the class-action lawsuit is still on the table source

22 Feb 2010 21:37


Tech: How the Lower Merion webcam-spying sausage was made

  • The dude talking on this clip, Mike Perbix, is the network tech for Lower Merion School District. In this webcast, he’s talking about the spying software installed on all of the machines given to students at Harriton High School, called LanREV. He’s promoting the product, which tells you exactly how invested Perbix was in this technology. Did it ever hit him, or the district, that parents and students might be really pissed about this? The author of the blog post investigating LanREV, by the way, tells you how to remove it in a later post. He calls it a trojan. source
  • Update: Oh, and the kid who got in trouble for reportedly using drugs? He was eating Mike & Ike candy. This school district is run by an institution of idiots.

20 Feb 2010 15:36


Tech, U.S.: Pennsylvania school district learns spying on students a bad idea

  • 42 number of times the school turned on the webcams to check on behavior (they did)
  • one student was nailed by the school for reportedly selling drugs in his home (he didn’t)
  • one class-action lawsuit was filed as a result of the privacy-infringing app (oh boy) source
  • The result? Students are totally up in arms about the violation in privacy, with some students noting the laptop is open in their bedrooms even when changing. Dear Lower Merion School District of Rosemont, Pa.: You guys are idiots. We don’t live in a nanny state.