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22 Jul 2010 10:53


Culture: Disney: We need good ideas, so let borrow some from Pixar

  • If you want to get good ideas, why not talk to the Brain Trust?
  • Disney President of Production Sean Bailey • Regarding the company’s increasing desire to work with Pixar on their own projects. Most recently, Disney brought Jason Segel and the rest of the cast of the upcoming Muppet movie reboot to Pixar headquarters for a table read. Disney also did something similar with “Tron: Legacy” a few months ago. Our question: Why didn’t they do this like twelve years ago, when it was already blindingly clear that Pixar had better ideas than Disney? (On a side note: A live-action Muppets reboot starring Jason Segel sounds like the smartest idea Disney has had in years.) source

21 Nov 2009 14:14


Music: Jason Segel’s singing for the LAAA-DIES, complete with digits.

Hey baby, want to call me? Judd Apatow acolyte and “I Love You, Man” star Jason Segel has the right idea. At a Swell Season (i.e. actors from “Once“) show last week, Segel dropped his number to ladies in the middle of a song. Julius has been having trouble with the ladies lately, so he might try it, too. source