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06 Jul 2009 21:31


U.S.: They *think* they killed and identified the S.C. serial killer. *Think.*

  • We *think* that’s good, but man, we wish they’d clarify. Patrick Tracy Burris, 41, was identified by authorities as the man killed in a standoff with police in Gastonia, N.C. While they’re not 100% certain he’s the guy, they say he probably is. We’re sure there will be some evidence which will verify this in the coming days, but until then, expect the words “think” and “probably” to be tied very closely to the man who killed five people in Gaffney, South Carolina in the last two weeks. source

06 Jul 2009 12:33


U.S.: Gaffney, South Carolina is freaking out over a serial killer

  • If he comes to me, face to face, I’m ready, I’m loaded, and I’m aimed for him.
  • Gaffney, S.C. resident Sarah Banister • On what she plans to do if the serial killer in her town, who has killed five people in nine days, tries to attack her. Here’s our question: What would you do if you were face-to-face with a serial killer? • source

03 Jul 2009 20:56


U.S.: S.C. authorities: There’s a serial killer on the loose

  • 4 people have been killed near Gaffney in the last 6 days. Yikes source