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16 Jun 2010 12:28


Biz, U.S.: BP’s throwing lots of money aside for oil disaster claims

  • $20
    the amount BP plans to put in an independent escrow account
  • $1
    the amount the company has spent on the oil spill so far source

09 May 2010 20:29


World: Greece gets the first part of that massive aid package of theirs

  • $38.6B
    will get loaned to Greece over the next three years by the IMF
  • $7B
    hits the country’s coffers as of right now; the rest comes later
  • $141B
    was offered to the country in an aid package accepted last week source
  • » Will this improve the country’s dismal state? It’ll improve the global market most likely but won’t ease tensions among its citizens. The extremely unpopular austerity measures were a condition of the aid package they got from the IMF, European Central Bank and European Commission. So they’re not going away, kids.

14 Dec 2009 09:50


Biz: TARP also-rans: Citigroup the last bank to pay back bailout funds

  • $20 billion the amount Citigroup is paying back – a loss of $5.1 billion in TARP funds for the good guys
  • $45 billion the amount Bank of America paid back to the government last week – so Citigroup stands alone source

07 Dec 2009 09:30


Biz, U.S.: TARP’s apparently gonna cost a little less. Time to celebrate!

  • $341 billion the original anticipated cost of TARP to taxpayers; that’s pretty huge, right?
  • $200 billion the amount the government says you can now chop off that number; hooray! source

02 Dec 2009 21:28


Biz: Bank of America finally ready to give back its massive bailout

  • $45 billion to the feds to de-TARP-ify itself source

01 Nov 2009 21:23


Biz, U.S.: Who probably takes the worst of the bankrupt CIT? Taxpayers.

  • $2.3 billion in CIT TARP funds, gone like the wind? source

17 Aug 2009 10:52


Biz: One of Citi’s big shots, Andrew Hall, got a big bonus anyway

  • $100 million the amount Citi paid Hall last year in bonuses, despite his company’s dire straits
  • one castle what Hall lives in when he’s not kicking @$$ and taking names as a top oil trader source

06 Aug 2009 20:58


U.S.: Cash reclunked: The senate lets more clunker funds flow

  • 60-37 looks just like the Sotomayor vote source

06 May 2009 01:12


Biz, U.S.: Stress test sez: Bank of America needs a massive shot in the arm

  • $33.9 billion to cushion from an economic fall source

30 Mar 2009 00:30


Biz, U.S.: The bailed-out auto companies are pretty much screwed

  • 60 days for General Motors to restructure in a way that doesn’t suck; if it doesn’t, the bailout funds go dry.
  • 30 days for Chrysler to complete its merger with Fiat; if it doesn’t, they’re going to die and likely get sold off. source