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30 May 2010 11:11


Biz: Salt really unhealthy, but it makes so many foods taste so good!

  • Salt really changes the way that your tongue will taste the product. You make one little change and something that was a complementary flavor now starts to stand out and become objectionable.
  • Kellogg vice president and food scientist John Kepplinger • On why he sees salt as a key ingredient for processed food. The New York Times wrote this massive, impressive exposé on the fight to limit salt in processed food. As part of it, Kepplinger prepared a bunch of foods without the salt, and among other things, Cheez-Its, which are loaded with salt normally, tasted absolutely awful. Processed foods and restaurant meals now account for 80 percent of all the salt that people eat nowadays, something some politicians are trying to limit. They say it could save as many as 150,000 lives per year. As well as make crackers taste like cardboard. source

17 Nov 2009 10:15


Offbeat: Jones Soda subjects Tofurky soda on the Thanksgiving world

  • While many think that eating turkey is the only way to celebrate Thanksgiving, we at Jones Soda suggest that this year you try something new and toast the noble bird with a cold bottle of Tofurky & Gravy.
  • Jones Soda President and CEO Joth Ricci • Describing his company’s new “Tofurky & Gravy” seasonal soda. This company, famously, has sold holiday packs for a number of years, finding excuses to subject the public to wildly awful flavors of soda, but the idea of a Tofurky one takes the cake. Proceeds from the $11.99 holiday pack, which also includes three normal flavors (a change from prior years, when the other flavors were often as disgusting as the turkey), will go to PAWS, an animal charity. • source