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28 Jan 2012 13:54


Politics: Mitt’s latest (involuntary) weapon against Newt? Tom Brokaw

  • We’re sorry, this is just low: Back in 1997, Newt Gingrich faced a tough punishment for ethics violations similar to those that caused his predecessor’s downfall. So, clearly, with Mitt needing some strong ammo to hold him off in Florida, this is probably the right line of attack. Problem is … well, what the hell does Tom Brokaw have to do with this? Mitt’s latest ad in Florida is just a long replay of a news clip from that era, with a little bit of dramatic music to really sell the whole thing. Brokaw is understandably pissed: “I am extremely uncomfortable with the extended use of my personal image in this political ad,” he said in a statement. “I do not want my role as a journalist compromised for political gain by any campaign.” We’re pissed for him —Romney just co-opted his trusted image to score some cheap points. Not cool. NBC has asked the Romney campaign to remove their news footage from the clip, and they better. source

02 Dec 2010 21:22


Politics: Oh Charlie: Mr. Rangel’s censure swift, kinda embarrassing

  • Assaulting a fellow member of Congress. Treasonous conduct. Selling appointments to a military academy. Bribing people. Committing acts of payroll fraud. Sexual misconduct with congressional pages (who, by the way, are 16 years old when working in Congress). And now the latest reason for a censure: Using rent-controlled apartments at extremely undervalued rates while not paying taxes, failing to report income on a property being rented out in the Dominican Republic, keeping tax loopholes that benefit major donors, fundraising with house letterheads, and overall general corruption. Charlie Rangel’s had a pretty busy past couple of years, hasn’t he? source

23 Nov 2009 19:59


U.S.: Charges suggest that S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford ethically challenged

  • 37 problems, and a being caught in an affair was one source