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17 Nov 2009 21:46


Tech: Microsoft settles patent claim with ex-employee accused of spying

  • Miki Mullor and Microsoft make nice. Way back in February – you know, back before the beginning of time – we posted an article about a former Microsoft employee who reportedly double-dipped by working at MS while CEO of another company. Miki Mullor, who is the Chairman of Ancora Technologies Inc., contacted us today to inform us that the patent infringement lawsuit between him and Microsoft has been settled. Neither party claims responsibility in the case. source

20 Sep 2009 10:15


Biz: We wish were were important enough bloggers to topple Ben Stein

  • It’s simply unconscionable for a newspaper of record to employ … someone who is surely making a vast amount of money by luring the unsuspecting into overpaying for a financial product they should under no circumstances buy.
  • Reuters financial blogger Felix Salmon • On Ben Stein, who was double-dipping by being a financial columnist for the New York Times AND doing ads for Salmon, who at the time of the comments claimed to have no influence, had been trashing on Stein’s column since 2007, but said that the commercial pushed it over the edge. But as a result of Salmon’s criticism, Stein WAS fired from the Times for the commercials. Score one for bloggers who think they have no influence. • source