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08 Jun 2011 14:31


Biz: Double-dip fuels fear of another Great Depression

  • 48% of people think another depression is coming source
  • » That’s the highest level ever. While the poll question (from a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll) had a slight majority — 51 percent — saying we probably won’t have one, a possible double-dip recession has many folks a little concerned. Obama promises that’s not going to happen. He better hope he’s right — 51 percent of people also said that the economy is extremely important in determining who they’ll vote for.

31 May 2011 10:46


Biz: Key economic indicator: Homes see double-dip in prices (uh-oh)

  • bad The Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller home pricing index, a key economic indicator which compares home prices in the top 20 U.S. markets, fell heavily in March compared to a year earlier.
  • worse The numbers confirm a double-dip in home prices (below April 2009’s previous nadir), which could spell bad news. Does a double-dip in home prices mean a double-dip for the overall economy? source

28 Dec 2010 11:09


Biz: Ready to be depressed? Read this assessment of housing numbers

  • The double-dip is almost here. There is no good news in October’s report. Home prices across the country continue to fall.
  • Standard & Poor Index Committee Chairman David Blitzer • Expressing fear that recently-released housing numbers are a harbinger of a double-dip. The numbers, which showed a 1.3 percent decline in home prices in 20 key cities, were apparently much more dire than many analysts were expecting. “It was a bit of a surprise,” said IHS Global Research’s Pat Newport. “I wasn’t expecting it to lag so badly in all 20 cities.” source

30 Nov 2010 10:55


Biz: After recent gains, home prices see depressing, frustrating decline

  • 2% decline in home prices in the third quarter; double-dip? source

30 Dec 2009 10:55


Politics: Fear the double-dip: Some analyst says we need more stimulus

  • The only reason that the U.S. economy is doing as well as it is, is because of the government stimulus package. Now, if the government doesn’t introduce another stimulus package, this one will burn off in the first half and in the second half we could easily slip back into recession.
  • Westwood Capital Managing Director Len Blum • Arguing for the need for more stimulus on CNBC this morning. He notes that the government isn’t exactly in a position to be giving out more stimulus money due to the massive amount of lending it’s doing at the moment. Is this guy full of it? Depends on who you ask. Others argue that we might see a soft landing instead of a double dip. We argue that CNBC is full of speculation and it’s kinda hard to trust the speculation from their network. source

17 Nov 2009 21:46


Tech: Microsoft settles patent claim with ex-employee accused of spying

  • Miki Mullor and Microsoft make nice. Way back in February – you know, back before the beginning of time – we posted an article about a former Microsoft employee who reportedly double-dipped by working at MS while CEO of another company. Miki Mullor, who is the Chairman of Ancora Technologies Inc., contacted us today to inform us that the patent infringement lawsuit between him and Microsoft has been settled. Neither party claims responsibility in the case. source