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29 Mar 2010 20:31


U.S.: Ex-wife of militia leader: My hubby took the crazy a little too far

  • It started out as a Christian thing. You go to church. You pray. You take care of your family. I think David started to take it a little too far. He dragged a lot of people with him.
  • David Brian Stone’s ex-wife, Donna Stone • Regarding Hutaree, which is reportedly a Christian militia group. David Brian Stone (a.k.a. Captain Hutaree, which is like Captain Crunch with more forest) and eight others have been accused of plotting to kill police officers. Because that’s Christian. The group, which says on its Web site that it’s “preparing for the end time battles to keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive.” They’ve been training regularly since 2008 in the forests of Michigan, as if time stood still since the heady days of Ruby Ridge, Timothy McVeigh, and the Branch Davidian. source