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01 Jan 2011 10:22


Politics: Chicago mayoral race: Danny Davis chooses not to split the vote

Davis, who’s been very critical of Rahm Emanuel’s mayoral run, is out. This is smart, because he’s putting his energy behind fellow black candidate Carol Moseley Braun, a former senator. source

28 Dec 2010 21:08


Politics: Chicago politician: News release a personal note to Bill Clinton

  • You just wouldn’t want your friends to be campaigning against you. I’ve enjoyed a great friendship and relationship and have a tremendous amount of affinity for both the Clintons … and I’d like to keep it that way.
  • Rep. Danny Davis • Suggesting that Bill Clinton would be jeopardizing his friendship with Davis if the former president endorsed Rahm Emanuel over Davis or Carol Mosley Braun, the other black candidate running for Chicago mayor. Davis was responding to an earlier news release where he suggested Clinton’s relationship with the black community in Chicago would be “fractured and perhaps even broken” if he went to stump for Emanuel. Davis suggested the news release was a personal appeal to Clinton. Wait wait wait … personal appeals do not come in press release form. Call him if you want to talk to him. News releases mean you want to start crap with a popular former president out in public, so you’re telling the press. source