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28 Dec 2011 14:32


Politics: Obama, Clinton headline Gallup’s “most admired” list

  • women Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has seized the top spot in Gallup’s “most admired” list for 2011, for the second consecutive year. Other notables: Michelle Obama (2nd), Sarah Palin (4th), Michele Bachmann (10th).
  • men President Barack Obama also led for the second consecutive year, taking the top spot in the men’s category. Other notables: George W. Bush (2nd), Newt Gingrich (6th),   Donald Trump (7th), Catholic Pope Benedict XVI (8th). source

01 Dec 2011 20:38


World: Hillary Clinton offers Myanmar incentive to reform itself

The Secretary of State has been in Myanmar for the past day or so. “I came to assess whether the time is right for a new chapter in our shared history,” she says. The U.S. is willing to reward Myanmar for implementing reforms. source

28 Mar 2011 13:49


Politics: Gingrich still manuevering over hypocrisy charges

  • I understood that in a federal court, in a case in front of a federal judge, to commit a felony, which is what he did, perjury, was a felony. The question I raise was very simple: should a president of the United States be above the law?
  • Newt Gingrich • Addressing the Clinton impeachment effort, and the charges of hypocrisy that he’s again having to contend with as he mulls a presidential run. For what it’s worth, this is probably the most compelling case you could make for his actions being internally justified, even in light of his own infidelity. However, it’s a bit difficult to take this at face value when not a week ago he was claiming his work ethic and love for his country drove him to the arms of other women, a rather lame rationalization made to try to salvage his relationship with the evangelical Christians. Our take? If you’re volunteering these defenses before you’ve even running, that’s a problem. This campaign could very well be dead on arrival. source

22 Feb 2011 15:48


Politics: Voice Of America’s website hacked by “Iranian Cyber Army”

  • Mrs. Clinton Do you want to hear the voice of oppressed nations will from heart of USA? Islamic world doesn’t believe USA trickery. We call on you to stop interfering in Islamic countries.
  • The “Iranian Cyber Army” • A message posted on the front page of Voice of America, which fell victim to the self-proclaimed Iranian hackers. This became known to us while attempting to view an article VOA had posted regarding the UN Security Council’s special session on Gaddafi and Libya. The link directed to the site’s main page, which had been taken over by a logo bearing an Iranian flag and a rifle, as well as this message. This is not uncommon for this group- Twitter was notably struck in 2009. source

14 Jan 2010 10:17


U.S.: Bush, Clinton to team up on Haiti, give a bipartisan face to help

  • The former presidents will head the fundraising efforts. In an effort to emphasize the lack of politics at play in the face of a major tragedy, former presidents Bill Clinton (the U.S.’s special envoy to Haiti) and George W. Bush would lead the push for aid. This would be Bush’s first major public effort since leaving the White House in January, by the way. He’s pretty good at fundraising, by the way, helping to push $200 million into Southern Methodist University – home of his presidential library – since leaving office. source