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27 Apr 2010 23:31


Politics: Deal or no deal, 60th vote for Senate financial reform debate in sight

  • If backdoor haggling goes on too long, Sen. George Voinovich will vote yes to get the ball moving. Many GOP senators might be ready to break ranks to make the financial reform bill happen, according to Voinovich. He says he knows how long it should take for a deal to go through, but if one doesn’t, he’ll play vote number 60. By the way, Senators Richard Shelby and Chris Dodd say they’re close to a deal, but Sen. Bob Corker (who knows the score) says they’re not as close as they say. source

26 Apr 2010 10:27


Politics: The status of the financial reform bill: Look beyond today

  • today With both sides at an impasse, it’s unlikely that the bill will clear a key Senate procedural vote today.
  • later However, both sides are optimistic they’ll get the votes to make this thing actually happen. source

25 Apr 2010 11:51


Politics: Chris Dodd and Richard Shelby seeing more of each other lately

  • I hope tomorrow we can get those votes; we may not, but I hope we do because we need to move forward.
  • Sen. Christopher Dodd • Regarding his push for a financial reform bill. He hopes to pull at least one Republican over with a bipartisan bill. Sen. Richard Shelby is currently working with him to make it happen. For what it’s worth, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell thinks it’s going to happen. “We don’t have a bipartisan compromise yet, but I think there’s a good chance we’re going to get it,” he says. source

14 Mar 2010 21:46


Biz: Two thresholds for Chris Dodd’s new bank-regulation plan

  • $10
    the amount of assets a bank would have to have to be sanctioned for a consumer-rules violation
  • $50
    the amount of assets a company would have to have to fall under the U.S.’s regulatory watch source