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22 Mar 2009 11:43


U.S.: Why Interweb arguments shouldn’t go offline

  • 30 years for a dude who shot another dude after a chat-room conflict source

14 Mar 2009 17:40


Politics, Tech: Our biggest criticism of Twitter: Marketing “experts”

  • Twitter is actually great. Don’t listen to the haters who claim that all people ever do with Twitter is tweet about how they’re going to use the bathroom. It’s a great, versatile communication tool, and has largely taken the place of the chat rooms of Internet past. (Sorry, mIRC. We were good friends back in the day.) We’ve even made some good friends through Twitter. But we do have one problem with the site: Its overuse as a social marketing tool.
  • Social marketers must die. We agree, Twitter’s a great promotional tool. We use it ourselves to tell people about our latest updates. And it tells people when we’ve last trashed on U2. And we even chat with them! But then there’s users like @MikeKlingler and @DiyanaAlcheva. Both of whom have over 15,000 followers. Both of whom followed us today. Both of whom we’ll never actually communicate with. For the love of God, stop ruining a good thing!