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29 Feb 2012 15:45


Politics: Nebraska’s Bob Kerrey on changing mind: “I feel good about the decision.”

  • Kerrey changes course towards Senate run: The former Senator had served from 1989 to 2001, before deciding he wouldn’t seek a third term. Rumors had been swirling for the last couple months as to whether he would jump back into the political fray, following the retirement of Ben Nelson, and though he initially shot down such talk he seems to have thought better of it. “It was a difficult process but I feel good about the decision. I look forward to the race,” he said. Though the seat is generally thought to be an easy pickup for the GOP this year, one would imagine Kerrey saw some positive numbers to sway his decision, reluctant as he seemed at first — this now becomes a must-watch Senate race. source

27 Feb 2012 15:20


Politics: Reports: In boon to Democrats, Bob Kerrey will seek old Senate seat after all

  • Bob’s Back: After previously saying he’d sit 2012 out, it looks like former Democratic Senator Bob Kerrey will run for his old Nebraska Senate seat after all (it’s currently held by Democrat Ben Nelson, who’s retiring). Kerrey’s decision to run is significant, as Republicans would almost certainly take the seat if he opted out, due to a rather weak Democratic bench in the Cornhusker State. However, Kerrey is generally regarded as a strong candidate, and his candidacy is perhaps Democrats’ best shot at retaining control of the seat . In an election year when Democrats have to defend 23 Senate seats, versus only 10 for Republicans, every little bit counts. [Author’s note: Apologies for using the word “seat” so many times in this article]. source

14 Feb 2010 10:27


Politics: Like filibusters? Don’t? They’re not going away anytime soon.

  • Republicans are gambling they can convince the American people Democrats can’t get much done, and at the moment, their gamble is paying off.
  • Former Democratic Sen. Bob Kerrey • Regarding the Republican’s strategy to filibuster the Democrats’ agenda so that it helps them in the next election. The filibuster has significantly changed in usage since the days of civil rights, and is now routinely used as a political stalling tactic. We just want to make a point here: While the GOP’s filibuster usage is inexcusable, the Democrats did the exact same thing to get a majority in the Senate in 2006. In fact, they did it at a faster clip. While the rule really needs to be changed on a fundamental level, it’s not going to happen easily: It requires 67 votes to make a change like that. source

10 Apr 2009 20:56


U.S.: A protest at NYC’s New School gets very, very ugly

Police says it didn’t pepper spray protesters critical of school president Bob Kerrey. Too bad the video says otherwise. source