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19 Jul 2009 16:29


Politics, Tech: Digg’s DiggBar gets kinda shady in its linking style

  • The more disturbing part is that they’re expecting us to use their diggbar urls to deceptively push their site to our followers. If I broadcast a link to the New York Times, people expect to see the New York Times when they click that link. They do not expect to land on Digg.
  • End of Web blogger Matthew Rogers • On a recent change of functionality in the DiggBar, a service we admittedly initially liked. However, the functionality has changed in such a way that the links no longer lead to the source of the content for logged-out users but to the Digg page for that article. Granted, we’ve read some of Rogers’ other posts and feel that he generally comes off a bit hard-line on things, but in this case, we feel that he’s right. • source

11 Mar 2009 09:55


Biz, Tech: Google tries serving up ads based on what (and how) you surf

  • The service explained Google’s new ad placement technology, based on user behavior from previous searches, launches today on YouTube and Google, and the rest of the Interweb in April. Oh great, now we have to worry about porn ads when we’re not surfing for por … uh, actually, we don’t surf porn. What gave you that idea?
  • A privacy minefield Some people in the ad industry might think this is a good way to serve up ads. But other people look at this as a major privacy concern – the digital equivalent of Google looking through your trash and pulling out your social security number. While it might be tough to ease that concern, the service is opt-out. source