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20 Dec 2011 00:45


Culture: Recession-era must have, apparently: Nail polish. Nail polish?

  • correlation This year, nail polish sales jumped 59% from 2010. Despite economic troubles, it appears that painted nails are one expense that’s worth the plunge. “Beauty is one thing women never forget about,” said Demitrius Simpkins, a manager at a New York salon.
  • causation Such a growth in sales is probably because more buyers are interested in painting their own nails instead of paying for salon visits.  “Some women who used to come every Monday now come maybe every other Monday,” Simpkins claimed. source

14 Mar 2009 12:52


Offbeat: OMG! OMG! This guy who hates Barbie is, like, so lame! OMG!

  • He can suck an egg, seriously. He’s probably butt-ugly and always wanted a girlfriend that looked like Barbie but could never get one. People like that really annoy me.
  • Khloe Kardashian • On West Virginia lawmaker Jeff Eldridge, who introduced a law attempting to ban Barbie (and other beauty-based dolls) from store shelves, claiming that they encourage a false belief that looks are everything. Kardashian is a really hot celebutante, by the way. • source

13 Feb 2009 10:05


Culture: Did octet mom Nadya Suleman rip off Angelina Jolie?

  • It’s one thing to clip out a celebrity’s photo from a magazine and ask your stylist to copy that cut. Who hasn’t done that? But to have a nose job, have collagen injections in your lips and start talking like Angelina – that’s over the top.
  • A friend of Angelina Jolie • who was quoted in the Chicago Sun-Times as saying that Jolie is “totally creeped out” by Suleman, who appears to have possibly gone to extreme lengths to copy Jolie’s look. Suleman also tried contacting Jolie, apparently. • source