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19 Jun 2011 21:53


World: Libyan government uses botched NATO strikes as propaganda

  • We have seen who is attacking civilians. They are targeting houses and flats. Tomorrow they will target schools and hospitals.
  • Libya Deputy Foreign Minister Khalid Kaim • Claiming that NATO’s accidental bombing of a civilian home in Tripoli was a sign that the group was actively going after Libyan civilians. Which is, of course, false. Instead, they’re actually going after Kaim’s boss, Muammar Gaddafi. Kaim is simply trying to misinform others about what happened in hopes that it’ll turn the tide against NATO. Unfortunately for NATO, the recent accidental strikes don’t look good, no matter how much Kaim is trying to misinform libyans. source

10 May 2011 16:14


World: NATO airstrikes rock Tripoli during the night

  • Witnesses claim Gaddafi’s compound was the target: Some have cried foul over NATO’s increased bombings against Gaddafi territories, saying that the mandate for civilian protection, but the U.N. resolution authorizing the no-fly zone uses a rather vague phrase in defining the mission. It states: “…to take all necessary measures to protect civilians under threat of attack in the country, including Benghazi, while excluding a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory.” A pro-military force type might read that and say, “well, the civilians are in danger as long as Gaddafi is in power.” We’d likely agree with that. It is a bigger and bloodier mission than expected, however, and that may have consequences in public opinion and diplomacy. source

25 Apr 2011 11:48


World: NATO airstrikes rattle Gaddafi’s home/military compound

  • NATO unleashes attacks in Tripoli: The strikes early Monday morning came with reports from NATO officials that nobody had been badly harmed, though Libyan state TV later claimed 45 civilian casualties. The odds of civilian death in this regard aren’t negligible, as Gaddafi has hosted throngs of still-loyal citizens at his sprawling residence to act as human shields, fully hoping that the risk of killing them would deter NATO from launching attacks like this one — be warned that there is a small amount of graphic imagery in the video. source

08 Apr 2011 11:48


World: NATO talks about airstrikes like one would discuss a bill collector

  • This is a very unfortunate incident. I strongly regret the loss of life. I can assure you that we do our utmost to avoid civilian casualties.
  • NATO secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen • Expressing regret over an airstrike that likely killed Libyan rebels. That’s not an apology, by the way, but a statement of regret. See, it’s things like this that get those in need of assistance frustrated with NATO. Dudes! They’re on your side! Stop talking about them like they’re an anonymous neutral party. It just pisses them off. source

28 Mar 2011 15:31


World: Gaddafi’s advisors getting nervous, say U.S. official

  • Gaddafi’s advisors may be cracking: A U.S. intelligence official, as reported by CNN, has suggested that advisors and aides to Muammar Gaddafi may be losing some of their resolve, as NATO airstrikes continue against the dictator’s forces. The official suggests that the perception that rebel forces are beginning to close in on Tripoli, following battles in Sirte and their victory in Ajdabiya, is going to increase pressure on those around Gaddafi who are averse to going down with the ship. As the battles continue, the possibility of Gaddafi’s people turning on him remains a tantalizing hope to end the violence in Libya. source

19 Mar 2011 16:20


World: Hugo Chavez: Nations in airstrikes “care nothing” about Libyans

  • For those who wanted to see Chavez in a hard hat, here you go. Enjoy. The Venezuelan leader, a key ally of Gaddafi, took some time off from his tour of a road-building project in Caracas to let everyone know what he thinks of the Libyan airstrikes: “They want to seize Libya’s oil and they care nothing about the lives of the Libyan people. These are the men of war … what irresponsibility. Behind this is the hand of the United States and its European allies, instead of taking the path that we have modestly proposed.” In case you were wondering, that peace mission Chavez wanted to make didn’t go anywhere because Saif Gaddafi essentially said Chavez wouldn’t have any idea what was going on. source