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20 Dec 2011 20:23


Politics: Gary Johnson: Exclude me GOP?!? I’m gonna run as a Libertarian, jerks!

After showing up in a grand total of one major debate (in which he made a dog poo joke), the former New Mexico governor will take a stab at running on a third-party ticket. Think he might have a shot? source

29 Oct 2011 12:35


Politics: Gary Johnson on his by-the-seat-of-his-pants New Hampshire filing

  • I don’t want for a second for anyone to think that we didn’t screw up.
  • Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson • Owning up to his longshot presidential campaign’s total fail, in which they had to rush to New Hampshire on Friday to fill out paperwork in person ahead of a major deadline, because they forgot to file. “Bottom line, we just screwed up,” he said. Props to Johnson for being honest about it. It’s kind of endearing, and most presidential candidates wouldn’t be so honest about their failings. source

18 Jul 2011 23:38


Politics: Cantankerous Corker Criticizes Colleagues

  • Basically, most Senators in this body are nothing but two-bit pawns…to lay out the groundwork, if you will, for 2012 election.
  • GOP Senator Bob Corker • Saying what everyone knows but rarely acknowledges: If a presidential election wasn’t lurking around the corner, this whole debt ceiling debate would be playing out much differently. This is really harsh language for a senator, especially when used in reference to his colleagues. Last week, Corker accepted blame, on behalf of the Republican party, for bringing our country to the brink of another economic collapse. source

23 Mar 2011 23:25


Politics: 2012 hopeful actually making people forget who he is

  • 14% of Americans knew who Gary Johnson was at the beginning of this year
  • 12% were aware of the 2012 hopeful’s existence a month later
  • 11% know him now … a bit worrisome for a 2012 candidate source
  • » Okay, okay. It’s probably just statistical noise. Nevertheless, if the former governor of New Mexico is indeed planning a run for President, he really needs to put himself out there more, lest he become this year’s Fred Thompson.

22 Mar 2011 01:29


Politics: Drawl drama: Where exactly is Tim Pawlenty from?

  • accusation Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who launched an exploratory committee for president today, doesn’t have a Southern accent. However, he recently started speaking with one, causing much confusion amongst his constituents.
  • reaction When asked about the sudden change in accent, Pawlenty responded that he doesn’t always “use the exact King’s English.” But wait a second – that wasn’t the accusation! Hey, T-Paw, is that a scarecrow you’re building? Oh, no, it’s just a straw man. source

17 Feb 2011 23:53


Politics: Obama vulnerable against imaginary candidate

  • good newsConservatives rejoice: The latest Public Policy Poll shows Obama running dead even against a generic Republican candidate in 2012.
  • bad newsRepublicans have to nominate an actual human being, not just a theoretical blank slate, and Obama leads against every one of them by several points. source
  • » Some more odd bits from the poll: PPP took the interesting step of asking respondents to rate the Brothers Bush, Jeb and George W. both, against Obama in a hypothetical 2012 race. The results? Jeb would get trounced by fourteen points (paging Rich Lowry!), while the Constitutionally-ineligible former President would only lose by four, meaning he’s actually a more formidable candidate than Mitt Romney. In addition, the GOP could defeat Obama by two points if they nominated a “moderate Republican candidate,” so all they’ve got to do now is set their time machine to 1952 and they’ll have a slew of strong contenders to choose from.

14 Feb 2011 22:05


Politics: Poll: Ron Paul’s support is miles deep, inches wide

  • first Ron Paul’s well-publicized placing last week in the CPAC straw poll of Republican voters
  • -7% Ron Paul’s net favorability rating amongst GOPers in a recent Public Policy Polling tally source

14 Feb 2011 21:51


Politics: Does Rudy have a shot at the Republican nomination?

  • unsurprisingNew Hampshire Republicans want Mitt Romney as their presidential nominee in 2012, according to a recent poll. It wasn’t a shock last time he won such a poll, and it’s not a shock now.
  • surprisingWho came in second place behind Romney? Why, none other than America’s Mayor himself, Mr. Rudolph Giuliani. His mere inclusion in the poll is almost as surprising as his placing. source
  • » But take this with a grain of salt: Encouraging as these results may be to Giuliani, he still finished thirty (30) points behind Romney, which is an awfully steep deficit to overcome. And New Hampshire’s not exactly a deep red state, so it’s expected that they’d favor a moderate like Giuliani over someone like Mike Huckabee (who tied with Tim Pawlenty for third)). Still, just about nobody in the media has been taking a potential Giuliani candidacy seriously, so this second place showing is, if nothing else, a surprise.