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28 Dec 2011 14:44


Politics: Gary Johnson officially changes party registration, kicks off new campaign

  • We are just fed up with the two-party system. The Democratic Party, I think, has turned their backs on gay rights, marriage equality, their anti-war base, their anti-drug war sentiment. …Republicans are no longer the stewards of the pocketbook. Republicans are no longer good stewards of tax dollars.
  • Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson • Giving a mission statement of sorts as he makes it official — former Republican candidate and governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson has leapt over to the Libertarian Party to mount a third-party candidacy for president. Johnson was a popular governor in New Mexico at the time of his departure, and boasts a platform that was markedly unorthodox for the present GOP field (save the occasional overlap with Ron Paul, who Johnson endorsed in 2008). Should he gain any traction, a Johnson candidacy could have a scale-tipping effect in 2012, as the recent polling surge by Ron Paul illustrates a decent spate of GOP voters are willing to look at a different brand of conservative this cycle. source

20 Dec 2011 20:23


Politics: Gary Johnson: Exclude me GOP?!? I’m gonna run as a Libertarian, jerks!

After showing up in a grand total of one major debate (in which he made a dog poo joke), the former New Mexico governor will take a stab at running on a third-party ticket. Think he might have a shot? source