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Posted on October 17, 2009 | tags


U.S.: Shepard Fairey completely screws up his Obama copyright case

Shepard Faireys Obama “Hope” poster at the National Portrait gallery
  • You screwed up, Shep. What could have been an iconic bellwether in the debate between copyright and fair use just had a major wrench thrown in it. Fairey’s poster, which he originally said was based off a different photo than the one the Associated Press thought he used, was in fact based off the one the AP claimed. Rather than coming clean and admitting he was wrong, he deleted the evidence off his computer. He finally admitted he was wrong yesterday, and says he’ll continue to fight the case, but dude will have to get some new lawyers. When fighting a case like this, Shep, don’t screw it up – it makes everyone in your shoes look really bad.source