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03 Jul 2009 01:06


Music: Travis Morrison never got over that 0.0 review on Pitchfork

  • RETIRED! No shows, no records, no band. Just relaxing in Brooklyn. Befriend me on facebook. I’m so nice!
  • Travis Morrison • In a post on his Web site, which gave into the former Dismemberment Plan lead singer’s fate the second that this review ran: His career in music is over. Pitchfork reported on it, but it’s kind of like kicking the corpse after they killed it. Fortunately, Morrison has a nice backup career in the form of a job working for the Huffington Post. • source

05 Mar 2009 10:50


Music: Editorial statement: Pitchfork is mainstream now. And that’s OK.

  • We’ve noticed, guys Hey, Pitchfork, you’ve been cropping up in new, interesting places lately. You somehow managed to pull this trick of covering indie rock for ABC News. And now you’re working with NPR? Whoa. Seems like someone is in line for a backlash. I’m sure Stereogum would like to be the indie tastemakers of choice.
  • Stop whining, indie kids Some people might claim that Pitchfork stretching its brand beyond the confines of a Web site that once unforgivably trashed “Travistan” means they’re losing their edge like a James Murphy song. We claim otherwise. If nothing else, they’ve become that rare brand that remains hip and mainstream.
  • Why we still like themThey put on good festivals. They seem to actually give a crap about their mission. (Unlike, uh, Rolling Stone, which was Pitchfork 40 years ago.) And ultimately, if their opinion shows up in a major public forum, it doesn’t hurt their brand. It helps the brand of the bands they like. The bands they don’t like? Well, sorry, N.A.S.A. source