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01 Mar 2009 11:09


Offbeat: Remember the topless coffee shop? It’s a hit!

  • 150 applications were received for work at the controversial Grand View Topless Coffee Shop (lol, nice punny name) in Vassalboro, Maine, which opened Monday. 15 were selected (10 female, 5 male).
  • $100 size of the tips some employees have received for their service. On average, the wait staff makes, on average $30 a table for getting ogled while serving lattes to economically-struggling customers. source

06 Jan 2009 09:15


Offbeat: Well, that’s one way to get you to stop looking at your laptop

  • Espresso + erotica? A small Maine town is debating whether they want their claim to fame to be a topless coffee shop. Vassalboro officials will weigh the benefits of making free wi-fi only the second-most appealing feature for the coffee shop’s patrons.
  • Opinions are mixed While some people in the community don’t like the idea of having a low-key strip joint, others don’t seem bothered by the idea. “I don’t mind what they do,” resident Randy McKiel said. “They’re just trying to make a living.” source