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04 Apr 2010 23:58


Politics: Max Headroom: Rachel Maddow totally biased towards the iPad

  • frum the heart Conservative commentator David Frum isn’t cut from the same cloth as the Rush Limbaughs of the world, and he makes that clear with this rip on Limbaugh and Fox News. They don’t work for Republicans, the Republicans work for them.
  • sarcasm = dangerous At the end of this clip from last week, Sean Hannity threw the unbelievable phrase “Tim McVeigh wannabes” in reference to the Tea Party. And the Tea Partiers cheered. The left was like, whoa. But Raw Story reports that it was sarcasm.
  • feel like making love On Friday, rubber-faced personality machine Rachel Maddow brought Xeni Jardin from Boing Boing onto her show to talk about how attracted they collectively are to the iPad. Maddow is probably caressing one in her arms right now.