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09 Mar 2009 08:19


World: Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai: Foul play unlikely in my crash

  • When something happens, there is always speculation but I want to say in this case, if there was any foul play, it was one in a thousand.
  • Morgan Tsvangirai • Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, on the car crash that killed his wife Susan. There was heavy speculation, especially among Zimbabweans, that the crash was premeditated due to past acrimony between Tsvangirai and president Robert Mugabe. • source

07 Mar 2009 12:12


Politics, World: Dear Zimbabwe prez Robert Mugabe: Leave Morgan alone!

  • I’m skeptical about any motor vehicle accident in Zimbabwe involving an opposition figure. President Mugabe has a history of strange car accidents when someone lo and behold dies – it’s sort of his M.O. of how they get rid of people they don’t like.
  • Tom McDonald • the U.S. ambassador to Zimbabwe from 1997-2001, on the recent crash involving prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai, the opposition party leader in the power-sharing government with president Robert Mugabe. This gives us pause, too. • source

06 Mar 2009 12:53


World: Zimbabwe PM Morgan Tsvangirai’s wife killed in car wreck

  • What happened? The car carrying Morgan Tsvangirai, an aide and his wife Susan got into a head-on collision with a truck. They were carrying the opposition leader to Buhera, Tsvangirai’s hometown. Tsvangirai, the aide and the driver were seriously hurt, but they are not discussing the extent of the injuries as of yet – hopefully it’s not too bad.
  • Why this might be bad Zimbabwe is a country that can’t seem to get a break. The government, long led by president and hyperinflation expert Robert Mugabe, recently brought Tsvangirai on as prime minister. And that whole process hasn’t been without its drama. So while there’s no evidence of foul play yet, it wouldn’t be surprising. source