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28 Apr 2010 11:21


Politics: Pundits try to put the Goldman Sachs saga into words, struggle

  • Can this be easily explained? No, but these pundits are gonna try. Here’s a five-minute long video of TV news types trying to explain what some say is easy to explain but others say is really hard. Either way, it’s hilarious to watch them play with metaphors. source

24 Mar 2010 23:57


Biz: A blockbuster level of debt for a Blockbuster video-rental firm

  • $1 billion in debt keeping it from
    taking on Netflix source

24 Aug 2009 10:52


World: Firefighters are struggling to get the Athens wildfire under control

  • 500 firefighters are attacking it, and they need lots of help source

12 May 2009 08:45


Biz, U.S.: The stimulus was supposed to save jobs. It isn’t working.

  • There was all the talk at the time about how the stimulus package wasn’t big enough, and that is true here. It’s barely letting us keep our noses above water.
  • Bill Lyne • Faculty union president of Western Washington University in Bellhingham, Wash. His school is bracing for 400 layoffs of staff members and adjunct faculty – just one example of how the $135 billion to limit layoffs as part of the $787 billion stimulus package is running headfirst into the reality that the states just aren’t making enough in tax revenue. • source

11 Mar 2009 21:13


Biz: Billionaires are suffering just like us regular people

  • -23% dip in billionaires’ assets. Times r tuff. source