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25 Jun 2010 21:41


Biz: Kellogg’s recalled a lot of freaking cereal. Exactly how much?

Flickr Photo By Caitlinator

  • Right now, it sucks to be Kellogg’s. The company was forced to recall numerous brands of cereal over a reportedly soapy/metallic/stale flavor that some of their cereal boxes had. Sure, it was a lot of cereal, but we were also curious how many bowls of cereal that actually was. So we did the math. And this is going to affect a lot of mornings.
  • 28 million boxes recalled for a weird odor and taste (eww)
  • 20 complaints about cereal that tasted like soap or metal (eww)
  • 13 average number of ounces in the various recalled boxes
  • 353M number of servings of cereal that is – based on our math, below


  • 69Mbowls of Apple Jacks, based on an average of 12.85 servings per box
  • 95M bowls of Corn Pops, based on an average of 11.78 servings per box
  • 148Mbowls of Froot Loops, based on an average of 12.63 servings per box
  • 41Mbowls of Honey Smacks, based on an average of 15.3 servings per box
  • » Methodology: We based our findings on the various serving sizes available for each type and size of cereal, dividing evenly for each serving size. We then multiplied by the average serving size – Kellogg’s provides this on their Web site – which in most of the cases was one ounce, making the math relatively easy. While it’s likely that Kellogg’s sold more Apple Jacks than Honey Smacks, we unfortunately do not have exact counts. One thing we do know is that Froot Loops’ share of the market is, at minimum, 26 percent larger than any of the other brands, so we took that into account. Oh yeah, if you’re like us, you probably eat double the size of the recommended serving without realizing it. Because we don’t measure. We just pour.

08 Apr 2010 21:22


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