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13 May 2011 03:00


U.S.: And now, in the “questions we never needed answered” department…

17 May 2010 10:53


U.S.: Key Supreme Court decision No. 1: Holding sex offenders indefinitely

  • The federal government, as custodian of its prisoners, has the constitutional power to act in order to protect nearby (and other) communities from the danger such prisoners may pose.
  • Justice Stephen Breyer • Writing the majority opinion on the case, which the court decided 7-2. This does not affect all sex offenders, but ones who could remain “sexually dangerous” to the community after their release. Which means that sex offenders, who already have been zoned out of many jurisdictions in areas throughout the country, will likely lose even more rights thanks to this decision. (Good, the commenters on the CNN article we linked to say.) There are some heavy issues with this decision and are curious how controversial it will prove. Will it overcrowd the prison system further? Will it encourage more rehabilitation of sex offenders within prison? Either way, this is a heady case. source

17 May 2010 10:41


07 Mar 2010 11:13


U.S.: California has a law limiting sex offenders that has no bite

These kids are near a school. This school is near a sex offender. Despite the passage of a law designed to prevent this, Jessica’s Law has no punishment. Oops. source

11 Dec 2009 15:06


U.S.: In California, a bunch of immigrants arrested for criminal records

  • 286 immigrants with criminal records were rounded up today in California
  • 80% of those arrested had prior convictions for serious or violent crimes
  • 30 were convicted sex offenders, some with crimes against children source

31 Aug 2009 08:35


U.S.: If you’re a sex offender, you should move to Phillip Garrido’s town

  • 100+ sex offenders live in sunny Antioch, Calif. source

04 Feb 2009 10:17


Tech: Myspace says sayonara to sex offenders en masse

  • 50,000+ accounts were deleted source