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28 Mar 2010 23:48


Politics: Max Headroom: Harry Reid knows how to fire a shotgun

  • symbolic showdown On “Fox News Sunday,” Republicans Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist had a straight-up debate over the Florida Senate seat they both want. Crist is a moderate. Rubio is the Tea Party’s Great Cuban Hope. Part 1 is above, but the other two parts are also worth watching.

  • “Lamestream”? What?Sometimes, Sarah Palin says mean things towards people she doesn’t like, and yesterday’s epic Tea Party Woodstock thang yesterday was no exception. Palin used the not-nice phrase “lamestream media.” If she becomes president in 2012, her four years are gonna suck.

  • So, where was Harry?Harry Reid was the (negative) focus of the Tea Party event in Searchlight, Nevada yesterday, but he wasn’t around. Instead, he was at an NRA event, shooting off a gun, just in case he needed self defense when he tried to go home later that night. Better safe than sorry.

27 Mar 2010 10:31


Politics: The Searchlight anti-Harry-Reid event is kind of a big deal

  • It’s like a microcosm of the Tea Party movement. Especially the cat. As the city of Searchlight, Nevada gets overtaken by the Tea Party for the day, with Sarah Palin as the centerpiece of the movement. Fun fact: Former SNL star Victoria Jackson will also be there, according to this video. Our friends at FreeRepublic have the event covered. source

27 Mar 2010 10:04


U.S.: To our friends in Searchlight, Nev.: Lock your doors today

  • 5,000+ bloodthirsty Tea Party activists are expected to descend on Harry Reid’s hometown today
  • >1,000 people actually live in the humble villa of Searchlight, Nev.; residents are leaving en masse source