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05 Dec 2010 21:09


U.S.: “Why Sam, why?” Marinette, Wisconsin mourns student in standoff

  • Sam, you are in good hands now. Someday when we meet again, you can tell me what happened.
  • Marinette, Wisconsin resident Jon Hengel • Expressing grief towards his son Sam, who held a classroom hostage last week and ended up shooting himself to death. Sam’s memorial service was today, and hundreds of mourners found themselves at Marinette High School staring at one of his favorite things in the world – a campground, complete with trees, a tent, a canoe and even a fake campfire. The younger Hengel, who was the only person hurt during the six-hour standoff, left behind more questions than answers, sadly. “This is not about Sam’s sin. This is about the world’s sin,” said the Rev. Nick Johannes, a local Lutheran pastor who presided over the somber ceremony. “Something has gone terribly wrong.” source

30 Nov 2010 20:45


U.S.: Why Marinette school officials didn’t notice the hostage situation

  • one The lights were off in the classroom at the time the hostage crisis started, so it didn’t look like anyone was in there.
  • two A sign was posted on the door telling seventh period students to go to the library, which was common at the school.
  • three While administrators were suspicious, they didn’t check until a parent said something – two hours later. source
  • » About the shooter: Sam Hengel, who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, strangely did not make any demands during the situation and even joked about music and movies. Hengel, a straight-A student who liked the outdoors, apparently didn’t show any telltale signs beforehand. His parents are staying mum in the wake of the incident.