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30 Nov 2010 20:45


U.S.: Why Marinette school officials didn’t notice the hostage situation

  • one The lights were off in the classroom at the time the hostage crisis started, so it didn’t look like anyone was in there.
  • two A sign was posted on the door telling seventh period students to go to the library, which was common at the school.
  • three While administrators were suspicious, they didn’t check until a parent said something – two hours later. source
  • » About the shooter: Sam Hengel, who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, strangely did not make any demands during the situation and even joked about music and movies. Hengel, a straight-A student who liked the outdoors, apparently didn’t show any telltale signs beforehand. His parents are staying mum in the wake of the incident.

30 Nov 2010 10:23


U.S.: Marinette, Wisconsin police: The teacher is the real hero here

  • The teacher was nothing short of heroic. She kept a very cool head and kept the suspect as calm as possible. We really give that teacher a lot of credit.
  • Marinette, Wisconsin Police Chief Jeff Skorik • Describing how the teacher involved in last night’s high school hostage situation ensured that things didn’t get worse. The 15-year-old student, who has not been named, was carrying two types of guns and a duffel bag loaded ammunition when he held a classroom hostage last night. He’s reportedly suffering from life-threatening injuries due to wounds self-inflicted as the hostages were released. It could have been far worse, kids. source

29 Nov 2010 22:15


U.S.: Marinette, Wisconsin hostage situation ends; coverage still sucks

  • good The high school hostage crisis is over in Marinette, Wisconsin and only the gunman was hurt. The situation lasted about five hours.
  • bad The coverage was still very scarce for hours, though Green Bay finally has some photos. Can anyone explain why this happened? source
  • » There’s a lesson here: In the past few years, newspaper companies have cut their resources very thin, especially at companies like Gannett, which owns the nearby Green Bay Press-Gazette. It’s sad to think that when something genuinely bad happens in small-town America, there are no details because we’ve cut our resources that much. We’re sad for the town that trusts the local news; we’re also glad that things weren’t worse.