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02 Jun 2011 14:18


Tech: Tennessee lawmakers pass stupid anti-password-sharing law

  • Share your password on Netflix? If you live in Tennessee, you should stop. They just passed a law that makes it illegal to share your password to sites like Netflix and Rhapsody — even with permission. They’re the first state to do this. While you don’t have to worry about sharing within the same house, you might have to worry if you have a son or daughter in college, because they just might be sharing your password with everyone on their floor in their dorm. This is because the language of the law is super-vague and punishes mostly innocuous uses of password-sharing. And the punishments are steep too — up to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine for $500 or less of “theft,” which the law treats as a misdemeanor. The recording industry, as you might guess, is behind this stupid law — and they hope other states will follow suit after this. source

18 Feb 2011 12:02


Biz, Tech: Regulators probe Apple’s new subscription service plans

  • tuesday Apple launches its subscription plan – in which it’ll take a 30 percent cut off of in-app subscriptions. OK for newspapers, awful for online music firms.
  • friday The Department of Justice launches an inquiry into the subscription plan, which suggests that something may be pretty rotten in Denmark. source

22 Jun 2010 11:22


Tech: A Google music store? Apple’s Lala purchase may haunt them

  • first Google launched a music search feature with a number of providers, including Lala and (the now-closed) iMeem.
  • second Apple bought Lala partly because of this competition, and Google now uses iLike, Rhapsody and Pandora.
  • third Losing their key service, Google said screw it and is now building its own music service. It’s all-out war now. source