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17 Feb 2010 21:40


Tech: Apple’s got “extreme” security around their upcoming products

See this compound here in China? This is where some of Apple’s newest products are made. They go to “extreme lengths” to protect the secrecy of the products. source

24 Nov 2009 11:13


15 Nov 2009 10:46


Biz: Mommy bloggers or mommy hawkers? Consumerism critics take note

Frito Lay and Nestle have swooned blogger Andrea Deckard over the last year. She says the trips inform readers. Critics say it’s clever marketing. source

06 Oct 2009 10:30


Tech: If you want to pay us to big-up a product, do it before Dec. 1

  • $11,000 fine for bloggers who don’t disclose source

28 Apr 2009 21:22


Biz, Tech: Microsoft and Apple: Two suitors fighting for Verizon’s attention

  • MS has a phone of its own it’s trying to get Verizon to sell. As we’re sure you heard, then fawned over, Apple apparently has some cool new products that it’s offering exclusively to Verizon. But they’re not alone. Microsoft wants a piece of that vertical horizon action, because Verizon is everything they want and everything they need. MS has a cool phone, code-named “Pink,” which they want you to fawn over, too. Whoever wins, keep this in mind: If it doesn’t work out, we hear Lauren’s available, and a great catch … source