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24 May 2010 22:37


Tech: Publish2’s News Exchange: Any publishers need fact boxes, eh? (Eh?)

  • A little secret about us: We’ve grabbed more than a few article ideas for ShortFormBlog from Publish2‘s pretty excellent Link Newswire (and its corresponding WordPress plugin) and have enjoyed seeing what other journalists come up with. And many of the people involved are smart guys whose names we see everywhere on the Web, like Greg Linch and Ryan Sholin.
  • their new thang: “News ExchangeWhile we feel like certain things about Publish2’s system could be slickened up and simplified, they’ve got a pretty great thing already going. And it’s something they’re expanding, big time, with their new “News Exchange,” which expands the basic idea of Publish2 to something where your blood, sweat and tears can end up in print. It’s kinda like the AP, except without the false sense of superiority or the budget for a foreign bureau.
  • we’ll try it. give us a chance.Which leads us to say: We’ll try this out when it opens up to us plebeians. If any newspapers would like to use any of SFB’s content somewhere, let us know. We’d totally be wiling to throw you a bone or two if you throw us a link. We realize we’re a tad opinionated for some of you jerks, but we also think that there might be some pretty cool things you could do with a bunch of numbers. One request: Don’t cut our copy. It’s already short, jerks! source