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01 Apr 2010 00:24


U.S.: Hutaree militia reportedly thinks the New World Order is coming

  • This is not about militias or a group of militias, but about a group conspiring against the U.S. who have shared beliefs that the New World Order elitists are in charge and seek to have one world government and is working with the U.S. government. Any law enforcement officer is a foot soldier for the New World Order.
  • Assistant U.S. Attorney Ronald Waterstreet • Regarding the Hutaree militia, which he certainly set up as not the nicest people in the world. He was in a Michigan courtroom as eight of the nine arrested suspects entered “not guilty” pleas to charges that they planned to kill police officers. The ninth is currently in Indiana. The government claims suspected ringleader David Brian Stone Sr. had some grand plans, including carving their own country for crazy people out of four rural Michigan states, which of course is a great idea because Michigan sucks right now. source