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25 Jan 2012 14:45


World: Jan25, one year later: Egypt marks protest movement anniversary

  • Sights and sounds on the ground: Egyptians packed into Tahrir Square today in celebration (with some underlying tension, due to the continued rule of the Military Council) of the anniversary of protests that toppled Hosni Mubarak’s reign. That there are complex and treacherous political problems facing the nation going forward is undeniable, but there’s no shame in taking a moment to look back at just how much Egypt has changed in one year. source

03 Aug 2011 14:25


World: Hosni Mubarak trial begins on not exactly the best of terms

  • You’re seeing correctly. That is former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak, in a cage. He’s actually standing trial from a cage, and he’s in a hospital bed. His trial started today, and it’s surprising a lot of Egyptians, who figured he’d use health problems as an excuse to not show up. Mubarak has denied all of the charges against him. We’ll be careful not to drop a reference to The Smashing Pumpkins’ “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” in here. source

13 Jul 2011 17:41


World: How are the protests against the Egyptian military paying off?

  • 669Egyptian police officers linked to Mubarak regime fired source
  • » Showing off at cleaning house: Going thousands strong, it’s easy enough to see that the Egypt’s ruling military council would want a means of positive P.R. to quell a protest movement (as well as less activist sections of the public) that’s clamoring for purges of Mubarak-connected officials. What effect this decision will actually have in the day-to-day matters of policing within Egypt is too hard to say right now, but that the military is taking any sort of giving posture speaks to the strength and legitimacy of continuing protests in Tahrir Square.

20 Jun 2011 15:17


World: Report: Mubarak is having major health problems

  • Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak might have stomach cancer. It’s not set in stone, but his defense lawyer says that there’s significant evidence that Mubarak, 83, might have the disease. He’s already been in the hospital for heart troubles, as well as surgery to have his gallbladder and part of his pancreas removed. He’s supposed to go on trial August 3 for killing the protesters who forced him to leave office — but his compounding health issues could put a major crimp in that. source

10 Feb 2011 13:25


World: Mubarak may go, but what will Egypt’s military do with the power?

  • yes Hosni Mubarak is expected to announce his long-awaited resignation tonight. Hats off to the Egyptian people, who’ve displayed astonishing resolve and spirit.
  • but The Egyptian military is rumored to be taking over the reins, which especially in light of recent reports of torture is causing some valid concern for the protesters. source

07 Feb 2011 15:15


World: Wael Ghonim freed, asks NDP’s new Secretary General to resign

  • freedom Wael Ghonim, the Google executive who was held for over a week under Egyptian custody, was released to the great relief of his friends and family, as announced by the company earlier    this afternoon.
  • retort Ghonim tweeted this, moments after he proclaimed his release: “Gave my 2 cents to Dr. Hosam Badrawy. who was reason why I am out today. Asked him resign cause that’s the only way I’ll respect him.”
  • realityBadrawi, new Sec. Gen. of the NDP, is considered a liberal reformer within Hosni Mubarak’s party. Ghonim’s demand is indicative of the taint carried by any role in the NDP. It looks like a full purge is needed. source

02 Feb 2011 14:50


World: Pro-Mubarak surge looks unsurprisingly manufactured

  • So, just who are these pro-mubarak folks? The CNN Wire Staff suggests you’d be right to guess this isn’t such an organic movement. Pro-Mubarak protesters who’ve been captured in the wild melee have fearfully proclaimed that they were paid by the government to show up, while some in plain clothes have been seen to have police identification. Some national petrochemical staff, as well, said that they were ordered to head out to the streets for Mubarak. The bad news here is that these protests have turned violent after avoiding widespread combat for so long. The good news is that if Mubarak’s bold endgame is sending out paid muscle to start fights, it may not last much longer. source

02 Feb 2011 13:16


World: A glimpse into the mayhem, violence on the streets of Cairo

  • Things are heating up: Here’s some video showing the scene in Cairo, where its been reported pro-government factions have begun attacking and inciting violence in the crowds. Hopefully this is the Mubarak regime’s last gasp. source

02 Feb 2011 12:34


World: Mubarak tries to turn back the tide with violent pro-government protesters

  • yesterday A million anti-Mubarak protesters in the streets of Cairo, an American President calling for an immediate, peaceful transfer of power, Turkish leadership saying much the same, and a military that is unwilling to use force against protesters. Bad day for Mr. Mubarak?
  • today Mubarak supporters, reportedly being bused into Tahrir Square, turn violent. An Egyptian statement claims calls for Mubarak to step down are designed to “incite the internal situation in Egypt.” Time to start worrying about the desperate, last stand bloodbath, people. source

01 Feb 2011 14:44


World: Obama to Mubarak: Don’t run for reelection this fall

  • finally! The Obama Administration seems to have officially given up on Egypt’s current regime, as the President indicated via diplomat that he doesn’t want Mubarak to run for reelection this fall.
  • but… While Mubarak is expected to announce he won’t seek another term, it seems crazy to think he’ll be able to continue governing even that long. Is a transitional government in play? source