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08 Apr 2010 01:57


U.S.: Dear “misunderstanding bomber”: Next time, use nicotine gum

  • We admit it, we were watching a movie when this happened. It was called “The Foot Fist Way.” It stars Danny McBride as a tae kwon do instructor. It was entertaining, but not nearly as entertaining as this mess of accidental terrorism. Like that movie, this story had an anticlimactic ending. Here’s a timeline:
  • 5:19 Plane leaves Reagan National Airport in D.C. and heads to Denver; happens daily.
  • 8:30 Dude lights a smoke because he can’t wait a #(&(&@ hour for the flight to land.
  • 8:40 Military escorts the flight to Denver because they think he has a friggin’ bomb.
  • 10:07 ABC reports that dude is the second coming of the shoe bomber. Others follow.
  • 11:00 It’s proven he didn’t have a bomb, but instead an insane nicotine habit. source