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27 Jun 2010 12:15


Politics: Dick Cheney’s health problems due to irregular heartbeat

  • That’s what a family friend told CNN. The former vice president has been in the hospital all weekend with atrial fibrillation, or an irregular heartbeat. This is nothing new for him. But he should be OK soon – his daughter Liz (a bit of a firebrand herself) says he should be out of the hospital and raring to go on Monday. source

14 Mar 2010 11:46


Politics: Keep America Safe isn’t exactly winning fans of its Eric Holder rip

  • Top sign your political ad isn’t as effective as you think it is: It gets criticized by your own side. This commercial, by Liz Cheney’s Keep America Safe organization, has been criticized by at least one former Bush staffer as being “unfair” for its lack of disclosure of attorneys who dared help Al-Qaeda detainees (despite working pro bono), and the subject of a letter from the non-partisan Brookings Institution criticizing it. Keep America Safe isn’t backing down, though. source