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23 Nov 2011 11:59


U.S.: Los Angeles trying to figure out how to lure Occupy L.A. away

  • on table On Monday, the city of Los Angeles (which has officially supported the movement) offered protesters a bizarrely awesome deal to get rid of their presence on their lawn — for $1 a year, they’d get 10,000 feet of office space, housing and — just for kicks — farmland. Best. Deal. Ever. Right?
  • off table As political blowback grew against the deal, the city appears to have taken the deal off the table. But it’s not clear occupiers would’ve taken it; any decision made by the group needs 90 percent support, and some don’t want to leave the lawn. So negotiations continue between the city and the occupiers. source

21 Jul 2011 13:57


Politics: Obama and Boehner near deal? Not if you ask their press folks about it

  • claim The New York Times has an article up saying that Obama and Boehner are nearing a deal on the whole debt ceiling mess that’s gripped DC for the past few weeks. Oh God, let’s hope so guys.
  • denial However, Boehner’s folks denied this. “While we are keeping the lines of communication open,” said spokesperson Kevin Smith, “there is no ‘deal’ and no progress to report.” O RLY?
  • denial Likewise, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney (who recently called Mitch McConnell “Mitch Mitchell,” then dropped a Guided by Voices reference) flatly denied the claim. source