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19 Feb 2012 15:09


World: U.S. and British officials to Israel: Don’t get into a war with Iran

  • American General Martin Dempsey, who leads the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, said, regarding the possibility of an Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities, that it’s “not prudent” at this time to attack in such a way, and “a strike at this time would be destabilizing.” Ya think?
  • British British Foreign Secretary William Hague, who recently warned of a renewed Cold War, agreed with Dempsey, saying Israel should  go along with the U.K.’s “very serious economic sanctions and diplomatic pressure, and the readiness to negotiate with Iran.” source

06 Jul 2010 11:19


World: Israeli soldiers are gonna face charges for their conduct in Gaza

  • How bad the 2008 conflict was is up for debate. Investigators for the Israeli government looked into 150 separate incidents of possible misconduct during late 2008’s Operation Cast Lead. Allegations include manslaughter and, in one case, using a Palestinian man as a “human shield.” How many people died in the incident, and how many of those were civilians? Depends on who you ask:
  • 1,400 estimated Palestinian deaths, according to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights; they say most were non-combatant
  • 1,166 estimated Palestinian deaths, according to the Israeli government, which says 60 percent of those were “terror operatives” source