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16 May 2010 11:20


Politics: What the GOP wants from Elena Kagan: A tight interpretation

  • I think we’ll be looking at her testimony because she has so little other record, it’s going to be a big deal. It’s so important how she testifies.
  • Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions • Discussing why Elena Kagan’s upcoming testimony will be key in building a lot of opinions of her. Regarding what he’s looking for, he says Republicans would like to know “whether her philosophy of law is so broad in her interpretation of the Constitution that you are not faithful to the Constitution and laws.” This isn’t something to be taken lightly. The last nominee who didn’t have judicial experience, Bush-selected Harriet Meiers, was withdrawn due in part to lack of experience. Kagan has a better record than Meiers did, but the lack of judicial experience could be a deal-breaker for some if she doesn’t answer questions to their liking. source

27 Apr 2010 20:27


Biz: Fabrice Tourre: Goldman Sachs’ fraud mastermind or fall guy?

Fabrice Tourre, a kid in these circles at 31, reportedly created the ABACUS system which defrauded investors in 2007. He looked scared today. source