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18 Apr 2010 11:17


Biz: Banks still full of failure nearly five months into 2010

  • eight banks were seized on Friday, bringing the total up to 51 this year
  • 9% of all U.S. banks are listed by the FDIC as “troubled banks” source

13 Mar 2010 12:32


Biz: Bank closings didn’t stop just because of a new year!

  • 140 number of banks that closed in 2009, that’s a depressing record
  • 30 number of banks that have closed already in 2010, which is high
  • 152 number of banks that could close this year if that rate keeps up source

03 Jul 2009 11:43


Biz, U.S.: The bloodshed at banks is only getting worse this year

  • 52 banks around the country have failed this year
  • 7 banks were closed by the FDIC on Thursday alone source

01 Jun 2009 21:12


Biz, U.S.: Currently on Obama’s plate: Financial industry regulation

  • How do we make sure this never happens again? Re-invent FDIC? Kill the Office of Thrift Supervision? Throw out the rule book? The Obama administration is considering all sorts of MacGyver-like techniques to prevent future financial industry screw-ups. Don’t expect them to combine a bunch of organizations together like a puzzle, though. Obama doesn’t think he’ll get enough political support for that, and even some of his closest colleagues in Congress think it’s a bad idea. source

11 Apr 2009 18:27


Biz, U.S.: The feds are shuttering small banks left and right

  • 23 have closed this year, two on Friday alone (in Co. and N.C.) source