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31 Jan 2011 12:52


Politics: Speaker Boehner pushes back on anti-debt ceiling talk

  • That would be a financial disaster not only for our country, but for the worldwide economy.
  • Speaker Of The House John Boehner • Appearing on Fox News Sunday, the Speaker waded into the debt ceiling issue, seeming to suggest that to his mind, failure to raise the limit would be unthinkable. The nature of Boehner’s unabashed candor is very surprising, considering the Republican voices who have recently toyed with the idea of voting against raising the ceiling. This may be an early example of the internal struggle between establishment Republicanism and their new Tea Party cohorts. source

22 Jul 2010 11:17


U.S.: The good and the bad of the latest unemployment extension

  • plus Unemployment checks will be retroactive to June 2, when the benefits first ran out. Yay lump sums!
  • minus The month and a half off will still count against those hitting their 99-week employment limit.
  • plusTemp work will now be allowed without a future reduction in benefits. Good for the temps!
  • minusUnemployment benefit checks will be $25 lower than before –including the retroactive ones. source

01 Jul 2010 10:36


Politics: Unemployment benefits: Robert Byrd’s death held this up, too

  • what The Senate’s attempt to increase unemployment benefits failed to pass yet again last night.
  • why They didn’t have 60 votes to stop the filibuster; they had 59. The 60th would’ve been Byrd. source

30 May 2010 13:34


U.S.: Unemployed people get lost in the Senate shuffle again

  • good The House decided to pass an extension on jobless benefits before the June 2 deadline.
  • bad The Senate didn’t, and they don’t go back to work until June 7, so no benefits next week, guys. source

09 Dec 2009 09:58


Biz, U.S.: The phrase “TARP” isn’t leaving our lives anytime soon

  • TARP is going nowhere, guys. Treasury secretary Timothy Geithner informed Congress this morning that the program, set to expire at the end of the year, will be extended until at least October. Which means that the bailouts won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, as a way to extend small-business credit. source