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10 Nov 2011 23:25


World: Who will protect the rhinoceros, much less harness its power?

  • Some rhinos aren’t long for this world: “A lack of political support and willpower for conservation efforts in many rhino habitats, international organized crime groups targeting rhinos and increasing illegal demand for rhino horns and commercial poaching are the main threats faced by rhinos,” said the International Union for Conservation of Nature in their latest update to their list of endangered species with the Western Black Rhino of Africa. It is possible for endangered species to bounce back but not without effort and rehabilitation programs. source

03 Mar 2009 21:22


U.S.: Obama flips the Bush endangered species policy like THAT!

  • He just let the experts back into the room. Barack Obama, while celebrating the 160th anniversary of the Interior Department, announced that he was changing a Bush environmental policy finalized in December. The policy allowed federal agencies to decide if projects would endanger species – a major tenet of the Environmental Protection Act – without consulting the experts. Obama, in an announcement, gracefully reversed that policy. This is why Michelle is taken, Jack Cafferty! source