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03 Apr 2010 22:07


Biz: Double Down: KFC’s plan to clog your arteries goes nationwide

See the appeal? It’s a sandwich … with fried chicken for buns! Who needs bread when you load them up with ever-more fat? (BTW, the headline on the linked story rules.) source

26 Aug 2009 23:05


Politics: The A.V. Club provides critical analysis of the KFC Double Down

  • Well naturally it’s exceeded expectations: Not only is its design a blow against ‘the tyranny of the bun,’ it’s also the ultimate challenge to the rest of the fast-food industry to step up its game.
  • The Onion A.V. Club columnist Sean O’Neal • On our new favorite sandwich ever, the KFC Double Down. To us, it takes a high level of criticism for us to cover a story like this two days in a row, but Mr. O’Neal (yes, we called him Mr. O’Neal; We’re channeling our inner New York Times) is up to the task. O’Neal suggests that this sandwich is the fast food industry’s way of pushing through health care reform (or as O’Neal hilariously calls it, the “Reichstag fire of health care reform”). • source