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14 May 2010 01:30


Offbeat, Tech: Domain name sales: Dating more popular than birth

  • $1.75
    the amount someone paid for at a recent auction of domain names in Florida
  • $6,000
    the amount someone paid for; there’s a pregnancy joke in here somewhere source

16 Mar 2010 23:43


Biz: Canon wants a .canon top-level domain; this is a stupid idea.

  • Canon is sure an arrogant company. They think, for some reason, that they’re worthy of their own top-level domain, unlike every other company out there. We think this is really stupid, because, well, their top-level domain opens up the possibility of a .cocacola or a .southoftheborder, which means that what’s a fairly simple domain structure becomes unspeakably complex.
  • bad standardThe reason why top-level domains work well as-is, mostly, is because they create an open environment. By getting their own top-level domain, Canon creates a walled garden separate from the rest of the Web.
  • Is it really easier? Canon seems convinced that it’s easier to type in (or whatever) than it is to type in People have been typing for 15 years; changing it makes it harder. It’s branding gone amok.
  • showing restraint To us, this idea suggests a need to figure out just when the best time would be to pull out the generalized top level domains. Because it appears Canon’s taking a road down a slippery slope with this move.

.canon domains we’d like to see

  • » One of the most well-known pieces of music is Pachelbel’s Canon, and that’s been around way longer than Canon has.
  • » The main definition of “canon” refers to whether something is part of a story’s universe. And you could probably have fun with it, too.
  • » Some jokers will probably come up with clever uses of the TLD, although if they’re like this, they’ll totally be wrong, because “cannon” has two N’s.
  • » If Canon really wanted to be bold with this idea, they’d let people buy dissenting domains that criticize both the brand and its products.