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27 Jun 2009 21:49


Tech: We don’t think Sony understands why people buy netbooks

  • $2,000 for the uber-not-cheap Vaio P netbook source

13 Mar 2009 11:31


Biz, Tech: Adbusters wants to “unclick Google” in a new protest

  • They created a subversive Greasemonkey script. Adbusters, who, as you might guess by the name, like to bust the chops of advertisers, dislikes the company’s new customized ad services and to protest, they’ve created a new script that clicks on every single ad on a page. Their end goal? To create a script that clicks on the ads AND removes them from every page they’re on. Ah, to be stupid kids with counterculture ethos. source

09 Mar 2009 20:50


Biz: Customized newspapers in L.A.: Print it yourself!

  • Um, aren’t there RSS feeds that do this? The MediaNews-owned Los Angeles Daily News, that other newspaper in L.A., wants to give you your own specialized news. This would, admittedly, be cool – if it was delivered to your door. But ohhhh no! They want you to print your own news with your own ink, thereby taking away its reason for being. Did someone say CueCat? source