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18 Sep 2011 22:45


U.S.: Video: Slow-motion sights and scenes from Occupy Wall Street

  • Sent to us via Twitter user Eric Brown, this five minute clip from last night does a good job capturing the mood of the still-budding protests near Wall Street in New York City. “This is a group of passionate, concerned, and intelligent people,” Brown writes. “Their behavior in the park suggested a great appreciation of democracy, and a desire to cut through the clogged media and political channels to communicate a message they feel is incredibly important.” Brown notes a large police presence was there when he shot this last night, but both sides were peaceful. Great clip. source

18 Sep 2011 22:33


U.S.: “Occupy Wall Street” protesters see first true test tomorrow

  • The method of protest that we’re using, the purpose is to interrupt the flow of Wall Street.
  • Occupy Wall Street protester Joe Sharkey • Revealing that the group’s purpose is to make it difficult for workers to get around the protesters — a method that will see its first real test tomorrow, when an actual work day hits. While the protest has remained largely peaceful, things could start to get thorny in the next day. Starkey says tomorrow is a “crucial period” for the group of roughly 1,500 to 2,000 protesters. “We are going to ride and coordinate and communicate,” he said. “The process takes a long time.” The protests, put together by anti-consumerism magazine AdBusters, have been planned for a number of months. source

13 Mar 2009 11:31


Biz, Tech: Adbusters wants to “unclick Google” in a new protest

  • They created a subversive Greasemonkey script. Adbusters, who, as you might guess by the name, like to bust the chops of advertisers, dislikes the company’s new customized ad services and to protest, they’ve created a new script that clicks on every single ad on a page. Their end goal? To create a script that clicks on the ads AND removes them from every page they’re on. Ah, to be stupid kids with counterculture ethos. source